Password Manager Pro

패스워드 관리 소프트웨어

Password Manager Pro는 공용으로 사용하는 관리용 패스워드를 안전하게 관리하기 위한 소프트웨어입니다.
  • 서버, 데이터베이스, 네트워크 장비, 웹사이트 그리고 IT 어플리케이션 등 수 천의 특수한 패스워드를 안전하게 저장
  • 선택적으로 패스워드 공유
  • 원격 자원의 패스워드 재설정
  • 더 나은 패스워드 관리 실행
  • 누가, 무엇을, 언제 패스워드로 접속했는지 완벽한 기록
성공 사례
"Password Manager Pro는 패스워드 관리를 위한 훌륭한 선택입니다. 어플리케이션은 신뢰하고, 믿을만하며 그리고 환상적인 기능을 제공합니다."- Don Garvey, Director of Operations, Claimant Management Systems
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Centralized Password Vault

All enterprises have thousands of privileged passwords, which are very sensitive and should be protected well so as not to expose them for unauthorized access. For easy administration, passwords need to be stored in a centralized repository. And organizations generally have several functional groups and each group should get access only to specific passwords. The following are required to achieve this twin objective:

  • A centralized repository that can securely store thousands of passwords
  • Well-defined ownership for passwords
  • Restricted access to passwords on need-basis

PasswordManager Pro (PMP) precisely provides all the above. The user names and passwords of your enterprise resources are encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm and are securely stored in the MySQL database of PMP, which serves as the central repository. Just enter the username and passwords for various enterprise resources once, and you can retrieve them anytime later from the web-interface.

Since privileged passwords are sensitive, PMP handles them with due care by assigning ownership for resources, user accounts and passwords. Resources owned by an administrator / user cannot be viewed by others unless they are shared. Ownership of a resource can be totally transferred to another administrator. Or others can be permitted to view/edit/manage passwords, while one administrator retaining the ownership.

Password Dashboard
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