EventLog Analyzer

이벤트 로그 & SysLog 분석/관리 소프트웨어

Windows Event Log & Syslog Alerts & Notification

Alerting on Event Logs

EventLog Analyzer includes alerts on event logs which notify administrators when an event matching a specific criteria is generated. Alerting helps administrators monitor critical servers and processes on the network without spending too much time watching graphs and reports.

Host based Alerting

You can define which hosts or group of hosts need to be monitored. Depending on the size of your enterprise, critical processes may run on a single dedicated server, or be spread out over a group of servers. EventLog Analyzer lets you set up alerts for events generated in both cases.

Custom Alert Profiles

If you need to trigger an alert based on events generated with a specific log type, log message, or severity, you can define a custom alert profile to notify administrators.

Pre-defined Alert Profiles

EventLog Analyzer includes a list of pre-defined event status messages for Windows and UNIX hosts. You can set an alert by choosing a status message from this list. Typical status messages include, "Failed login", "Audit logs cleared", "DNS shutdown", and so on.

Compliance Alert Profiles

If you need to trigger an alert based on specific type of compliance violation for HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, or SOX, based on failed logon attempts, policy changes, account changes, and audit logs cleared, you can define a compliance alert profile to notify administrators.

EventLog Analyzer supports a variety of alert notifications.

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